The ‘CT@G’® range of innovative safety products couple the use of modern technology with established safety processes and procedures.

In order to accelerate the processes by which large numbers of people are accounted for in the event of a major emergency, ‘CT@G’
® products utilise asset tracking capabilities to provide a rapid, accurate real-time indication of passenger / people muster.

´╗┐The use of the ‘CT@G’
® products can be used to improve the efficiency of day-to-day operations in the cruise industry, particularly with respect to passenger management functions, including access monitoring, excursion control, improved customer service and many more.


Seatag Safety Systems have been awarded serveral prestigious accolades for our products, these include:

Winner of the 2009 Safety at Sea International Magazine Award for Systems


“Most Innovative Product or Service 2010”
7th Annual Security Summit in San Diego, Ca., USA
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